Dedi is a professional freelance web developer living and working in Jakrata, Indonesia.

Originally from Bukittinggi, a small cool town in Sumatera Barat, he moved to Bandung 1998 for his study.

At 17 years old Dedi started and played his programming with Basic language on DOS environment. He interested with graphic animation, and modified DOS start up with little security and funny animation. He didn't have computer at the time, just rent in some location. He succeed with Basic language after 10 months.

At 18 years old, he took computer science study at Bandung Institute of Technology Polytechnic and started learning right algorithm with Pascal language. After two semesters he succeed build a card game calls KOA (a primitive game card in Sumatera Barat) including artificial intelligence system for computer players.

Dedi developed web application at 2000 with ASP, and interested with PHP at 2001 learning by his self. He started his carrier as web developer with big telecommunication corporate project such as online game and some modification in current web application. And then he worked for software development corporate, built hospital system, inventory system, time sheet system, single sign on system, web site for government and corporate.

Dedi started his career as full-time freelance on June 2006, and worked for some project such electric voucher reload system, network installation (router, firewall, VPN, etc), web services, authorized dealer systems, some web site for corporate and personal, web application for public or local site, Short Message Service (SMS) Broadcaster.

Debian is always the machine of choice for server/router operating system, and Debian with desktop for all time work, because Debian always put it stable version on repository. Debian desktop with Compiz is coolest animation and light, he love it very much.

About Me

Yeah, it´s me! Dedi Heriyanto
Age: 34
Bukittinggi, Bandung

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