Welcome to my personal homepage

To all my family and my friends, you all are special persons in my life.

Yeah, itīs me! This is only personal homepage for my family and my friends.
There is a simple guestbook on this page, I hope you would like to send me your personal information there. It's important to me because I will know who ware visited my personal homepage, and if you have comment for this homepage please write it on your comment.
I hope you understand about my unwell English, because I can't write in English well.
Thank you so much for visiting my personal homepage.

My Dear Friend...

Yeah, itīs me! A friend is someone who listens and cares,
a friend is someone who's always there.
A friend brings happiness that can warm and mend.
I'm glad that I can call you a friend.
A lot of people have entered my life,
but one thing remains true...
I've never met a single soul
who has touched my heart like you.
Thank you for being a friend.

About Me

Yeah, itÂīs me! Dedi Heriyanto
Age: 34
Bukittinggi, Bandung

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